Q: What equipment are you using to film?

A: Our A-cam is the Canon EOS C300 Mark II Dual Pixel and B-cam is the Sony Alpha a7R II, and we're recording externally to a 4K monitor. Various shots will also be done on a DJI Phantom 4 drone. Sound is all Sennheiser with a MKH-416 and several G3 wireless lavs!

Q: Do I need a Backstage account to audition?

A: No, you can email us your audition materials and tape at notafayz@gmail.com. You will not be penalized for not having a Backstage account.

Q: Is the casting call international?

A: Yes.

Q: How do I know you received my audition or email?

A: We’ll watch and read anything that comes our way. If you want confirmation, you can send an email asking for confirmation, and we will respond “Got it.”

Q: When can I audition for characters not featured in the pilot?

A: We will begin the second round of casting after the pilot is released. Everything is dependent on the success of the pilot, so tell your friends who are gone fans/convert them so they can watch!

Q: Is this production fanmade like the French or UK version?

A: Of course we are fans of the book, but we are also a professional production using industry standard equipment. The pilot will shoot in 4K, and other technical specs will be posted soon. Yes, our methods are a little unconventional, such as making our casting call open to all. We're also working to avoid the age misrepresentation and whitewashing prevalent in so many TV shows today. We're a group of intrinsically-motivated individuals who think it's about time that GONE gets the show it has always deserved.

Q: How do you guys plan on adapting the book series?

A: Initially, we wanted to focus on one character’s POV at a time, but we are now making it more about the ensemble cast. We are also working on making this delightfully strange story even more compelling by modernizing it, especially in terms of dialogue. (Sorry Michael Grant, no one says “dude” anymore!) We are also introducing new elements that were always inherent in the text. For instance, the book series was based off Lord of the Flies, so we brought back the conch and its role of designating power and order. We value preserving the diversity of darkness of the FAYZ, and through our treatment of the text, we are making this world our own.