GONE is an adaptation of the book series by Michael Grant. We are currently in post-production for our pilot episode.


In a small beach town, everyone over the age of 14 mysteriously disappears, and the remaining kids have to figure out what happened and how to govern themselves.


The screenplay features the work of Michael Grant, William Golding, Niccolo Machiavelli, Friedrich Nietzsche, Charles Perrow, and REM. A draft can be found here.


We have already cast the roles of Sam, Astrid, Quinn, Mary, and Edilio, but we are currently casting the roles of Caine, Diana, Drake, Jack, Albert, Orc, and Howard. Visit our casting page for more information. If you would like to play a character not featured in the pilot, feel free to shoot an email, and we will contact you once we begin casting that character.


We filmed a sizzle pilot this past March in Princeton, NJ. We filmed a larger-scale, extended pilot this summer in VA and NC. For later episodes, production may move location. If you would like to join our production team, shoot us an email.


We do not seek to profit off this series. We’re in communication with Harper Collins Publishers and the author’s agent about preserving the integrity of the books while translating the compelling story on screen. Though author Michael Grant has said he’s looking forward to watching, he is not involved, so direct all inquiries at us.